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Big East Conference - EP

by International Mack

[Verse 1] Loving the feeling and filled with adrenaline Growing up, A.D.H.D. no Ritalin Really was chilling and B-Ball dribbling Spider-Man cartoons, imitate the villain and Pop Dukes grinning while the ceiling fan spinning and Wife-beater kicking it, was only the beginning man Crunch toast cinnamon, breakfast and dinner man Picking on the kid, but he was still a gentleman Who you kidding type of life I was living A sense of innocence introduced into the sinning When he walked into the room that was Sour-Deez scented More clouds than the sky, nah I'll never forget it See cuzzo put me on when I was only eleven First taste of independence, peace to my adolescence Show me how to throw it in them little baggies like damn It's that quick, now that's what I call an Instagram [Bridge] Cuz I remember them days, yeah I remember the days I remember them days, do you remember them days? Cuz I remember them days [Hook] I remember them days, late nights, trying to get right Just trying to get right (2x) [Verse 2] See when I hit puberty I became a G And under more scrutiny, turned into a beast Started hitting the streets, late nights while you was hitting the sheets I made moves, didn't sleep and started living the dream What I was destined to be, the Jake's heckling me But never phased me in the first place, they're second to me So pay attention you'll see, how I stepped on the scene And made it look so easy, so effortlessly Never claimed to be a killer nor pretended to be Just surrounded by them shooters representing for me Who ready for beef, really just protecting their seed So if you really think you're live, you could end up deceased Started making cream before I became a teen All for the green, became addicted like nicotine Then on to a bigger scheme, building the illest team Just reminiscing about how it used to be [Bridge+Hook] [Hook Repeat]
[Chorus] (Sample) While I'm sitting here trying to think of things to say While I'm sitting here trying to think of things to say So it would seem we've still got a long long way to go I've seen all I wanna see today [Verse 1] Sometimes I wish that I could go back To the day my grandfather sat me down on his lap He said, boy you better work hard, no matter what you do And have respect for your Moms, Pops, and your sister too Pay attention in school or you're considered a fool And if you making the plays, then you'll be running them too Plus you ain't ready to lose so you'll be bending the rules This is chess though, so that's what I expect you to do Words of wisdom from a wise man And I can still see his face every time I close my eyes fam It's like a gift that was given by God, gave me the vision So I shared with my bredren before he got trapped by the prison Wear the crown and never let it touch the ground That's what I told my Brody as soon as I left the town Yeah I know you're sitting down just to finish up your stretch But I'ma be right here until there ain't nothing left, nothing left like [Chorus] [Hook] What can I say man What's left to say man Long way to go [Verse 2] Look mama I made it, but I'm far from the greatest This one is dedicated to everybody that hated And all my loved ones that patiently waited Who sang along to my song whenever I played it Couldn't forget that even if I had Alzheimer's If this was hell on earth, I'd let the lord find us Cause I keep it one-hundred, I put that on the bible Feel like the jet crashed and we were the only survivors And when I say we, I'm talking about the fam If you don't know by now, you wouldn't understand I do this for a reason, a plan, never random Look I ain't make the plays, I just ran them So slowly but surely I'm gonna reach my goals And in the end just remember, you reap what you sow If you don't know by now, I can't fail Cause I excel, yeah yeah, it ain't hard to tell [Chorus+Hook]
[Intro] Blizzy I got you Yeah yeah, uh You know what it is Mack, yeah yeah Take you back, back to the future Uh, Yeah [Verse 1] Okay I'm back up in this time machine The suicidal doors on the Delorean, you know it's me Marty Mack fly, set the destination to December 28th, '89 that's the time (that's the time God) Just watch the pedal hit the floor And take flight, 88 on the dashboard Jordan number four drops, Reaganomics crack rocks Bulls vs. Cavs, better known as "The Shot" This all leads up to the birth of a star A legend in the making and you know who we are I mean who I be, tape players in the car still Before vehicles became equipped with CD's Big Daddy Kane talking, Biz Markie "It's A Big Daddy Thing" and "The Biz Never Sleeps" I'm talking Beastie Boys, yeah I'm talking Heavy D. Who did it "Big Tyme" up in "Paul's Boutique" It was De La Soul and Queen Latifah "3 Feet High And Rising" but "All Hail The Queen" "The Youngest In Charge," that's Special E.D. Had "Unfinished Business" EPMD The Boogie Down Productions, B.D.P. "The Blueprint of Hip Hop" who else could it be (Yo who else could it be God) And ladies loved cool James Cause he walked like a panther with smooth game Still nowadays, how did all of this shit change? Emcees became endangered species and rappers are too lame Back to the future, it ain't the same damn time Who said you need two chains in order to shine? Who said you need auto-tune if you wanna get signed? If that's the truth, then they're outta their mind (Yo son they're outta their mind) I guess I'm going back to '96 So I can put a stop to whoever killed PAC and BIG [Hook] Seems like that's the only way to fix things So it's up to me to try and fix things If that's the only way to fix it Then it's up to me to make a difference I gotta rewrite history Yeah I'm trying to rewrite history Wish I could rewrite history Until then, it's just an unsolved mystery [Verse 2] I take it back like a Beta Max or Eazy-E in a LA Raiders cap Ain't nothing you could say to Mack Before Busta tried to make it clap Before Nas dropped Illmatic and Hov tried to Fade To Black Before 50 taught you how to rob And ain't nobody said whoa until they heard Black Rob This one's for Cube, Dre, Snoop to The LOX And everybody wanna rap until they're ass gets dropped You win some, lose some, but you live to fight another day And that's what Craig pops told him on Friday Them lames gassing you up, taking the highway While I'm taking the cuts, doing it my way All black everything and some fly jays Representing the struggle my brother, crime pays You could save money, but ain't no time saved That's why I could give two middle fingers what a hater say [Hook] [Outro] It's like that that, like that yall
Highs & Lows 02:35
[Hook] You hit the highs, you hit the lows One day you're rich, next day you're broke Whether you Blood or Crip, Democrat or Republican Religious or not, it's all the same shit
Explanations 03:42


Side A:
Remember The Days (Produced By D.A.)
Things To Say (Produced By Mack Attack)
Rewrite History (Produced By Mack Attack)
Highs & Lows (Produced By Mack Attack)
Explanations (Produced By G.Reed)

In Memory of Brandon "KC" Thomas.


released November 12, 2013

Executive Producer: International Mack
All Songs Written By: International Mack
Mixing Done By: International Mack
Recording Engineer: Daniel Marin III


all rights reserved



International Mack Syracuse, New York

Edwin M. Hernandez (Born December 28th,1989) best known by his stage name “International Mack.” A Filipino-American Hip Hop Artist from Syracuse, NY. CEO of Mack Attack Productions. He learned how to play the piano and bass guitar as a child, which led him to pursue DJing & Composing. He is a certified Songwriter, Producer, Recording Engineer, Video Director / Editor & Vintage Clothing Shop Owner. ... more

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